Live the Clever Lifestyle

Our lovely Czech, Radka Opalka, makes us girls feel happy to shop, shop, and shop! Approximately two years ago, Radka opened Clever: a boutique that caters to all women with a stylish, feminine flair. Radka describes her products as “practical and pretty,” with “clever” touches like whimsical patterns, up-to-date styles, and witty uses for home accessories. Clever aims to provide an intimate shopping environment enhanced with unique clothing and designers. But unlike many boutiques that hike up prices for garments of mediocre quality, Clever only sells garments of great quality at reasonable prices. It’s so nice to be able to walk into a boutique and feel like the prices match the fabric, styles, and cuts of the clothing!

Inside View

View From The Entrance

So what is in this wonderful treasure chest of a store? Clever carries a wide range of designers from Audrey Acosta (green) recycled silk one-of-a-kind pieces to Single Tease T-shirts that boast pick up lines for women on the front (e.g. “just ask me (out)”). Other popular Clever brands include Haven (long dresses in billowy prints), Pink Tool Belts (for those handy fashion-conscious women), Bungalow 360 (accessories à la beach), Gloveables (the best way to get your dishes done), Funky Urban (our favorite tee says “well-behaved women rarely make history”), Survival (comfortable, cotton essential dresses), 382 (loud, playful prints), and Angry Little Girls (recycled handbags with quirky, fun quips). And for you California visitors and worshipers, be sure to pick up a California-lovin’ tee like “I don’t Go East of the 405.” What’s more Clever has one of the best selections of gifts for all your friends!

Part of what makes Clever so special is that it is a lifestyle boutique. From the moment you walk in and see the Hungarian antique furniture, organic silks, and delicate jewelry (which Radka makes herself!), you feel as if you have walked into an interactive mood board. Radka has taken her idea of the quintessential girly shopping getaway and has turned it into a laid-back home-y experience. Radka even keeps her shop open late on Friday night for a complete “Retail Therapy” evening; she provides cocktails, friendly chit-chat, and, of course, shopping!

View From The Back

Treasure Uncovered

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Clever is located at: 2823 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 – 310.396.8108



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12 responses to “Live the Clever Lifestyle

  1. Cheryl

    I love Clever!!! Truly one of my favorites! I always get compliments on my Clever items!

  2. I love Clever!

    Every time I go I find something new, leave feeling like I just visiting a friends home, & have become the coolest gift giver…according to the recipients, of course.

    I’ve bought several one of a kind pieces of Radka’s jewelery too. Always get tons of compliments on them!

    This is pretty much the only store I buy from! No joke!

  3. Marlena

    When I visit from the East coast I always make sure to shop at Clever!

  4. Therese

    WARNING! “Clever” is like Target, in that you go in to shop for one item and leave with much more than had planned. I recently went in for a gift and came out with the gift of course but also with two little goodies for me! “Clever” is my favorite treat! I love it!

  5. Merrie

    Clever on Main ROCKS! In today’s world of cookie cutter and plastic stores, Clever is refreshing unique and charming that exudes the warm and sparkling personality of the owner Radka Opalka. This is a boutique for everyBODY, women, men, children, etc. where you’ll always find the most interesting items that are so affordable. I recommend that everyBODY make Clever on Main a joyful ritual/habit!

  6. Alex Winston

    Clever is my go-to gift store. I can always count on great customer service and a perfect gift for someone (plus lots of goodies for me!). The owner always has fun events so be sure to check the website often and sign up to be a member. I’ve been to a few bead parties, blue-jean swaps and a really fun Valentine’s Day event. My favorite thing about Clever is how well priced everything is, plus they get adorable, reasonably priced dresses in ALL the time!
    I highly recommend this store for your shopping needs!!

  7. A wonderful store run by a wonderful person. Radka is always looking for new items for her store and takes a personal interest in her customers.

  8. Mirina

    Clever, to me, is a special place that unlike many other boutiques, aspires to be unaffected and is concerned with offering women the things that make us happy. I love to get lost in her selection of inspiring and funny books. There is always one that makes me cackle with glee. Every time I need a special gift or a “pick me up” I turn to Radka and her clever assortment of treats for my much-neglected girly soul.

  9. Chris T

    Cutest story EVER! Full of original gifts, unique jewelry and hip clothing all at reasonable prices. I love to shop there…great atmosphere too. Oh! And it’s one of the few stores on Main Street with it’s own free parking!

  10. Clever is an amazing store, and I am so glad it was our first store that carried our SingleTease product lines. We couldn’t ask for a better representation! Its a girlie-girl store always with a “clever” twist!
    Not only does she hold fabulous events, she also has some of the best prices for great clothing compared to any other boutique in the area.
    Its always my first pick for retail therapy! Now only if it could get warm enough so I can wear the silk scarf dress I bought! : )

  11. Silvia

    Everything in macloset is from Clever. Finally I am dressing the way a girl should. Thanks to Clever and Radka. As a matter of fact I’m gonna check Clever out today. Oh, that idea feels sooo good:))
    Indulge yourself ladies:))

  12. Catherine Schreiber

    This looks fabulous. I can’t wait to check it out. What a find!

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