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I Need, I Want, I Have to Have … Vintage Hermès Watches

This morning on and selling out fast is an edited collection of vintage Hermès jewelry, watches, bags and scarves.  Don’t miss out on this amazing sale!  Our favorite from the collection were the Kelly watches with dangling lock. Created in tribute to the famous handbag that inspired its name and its buckle design, the Kelly watch plays with the signature Hermès features.  As Rachel Zoe would say, “I DIE”…


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How Take Your Birkin From Ordinary to Extraordinary

You asked and we answered … with stick figure drawings, see how a vintage scarf can transform your Birkin bag from dull and ordinary to jet-set extraordinary.

1) Choose your favorite Birkin bag and scarf that compliments the color.  We prefer a Hermes vintage “16 x16” silk twill pocket square.

2) Roll the scarf along the diagonal to create a long thin cigar shape.

3)Wrap the scarf around the front handle and tie in a loose knot.

4) Presto!  Your boring Birkin has been reinvented.

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ZEROMINUSPLUS Philanthropy Launch Party

Check this out – tonight from 6pm – 9pm, ZEROMINUSPLUS at Fred Segal Santa Monica will be hosting a launch party with 100% of the proceeds going towards United Nations humanitarian agencies.  Patron will be hosting the bar (score!) and Marc Breslaw, Executive Director at USA for UNHCR and Kevin Sturtevant, VP of Development for the Friends of the World Food Program will be hosting the evening…

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Love Is…

Givenchy’s embroidered metal chain evening bag with a black handle. We found it at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills for $3,670.00.  It’s worth the splurge as it updates any look to the current season.  Ahhh, Givenchy – if our eyes could squirt out hearts, they would for this glorious handbag.  Bravo!

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Cocktail Hour at Confection Jewels

Every girl loves herself a good cocktail dress, and for that matter a good cocktail. The ritual of slowing sipping on a dirty goose while the chilled martini glass delicately floats in your hand seems decadently nostalgic to us, as images of coiffed hair and red lipstick from the 1950’s flash through our minds. We praise those cocktail-sipping ladies for indulging in extravagant baubles to rest on their hands while sipping that goose, as they paved the way for us to incorporate exaggerated cocktail rings into our everyday wardrobe. A statement ring is simply a-must-have, goes-with-everything-piece because it can effortlessly transition from those lived-in ripped jeans and white t-shirt to a favorite corseted cocktail dress, and all while making you look too-cool-for-school.

With that said, we are always on the hunt for that perfect ring, so when we heard of vintage-button-inspired cocktail rings growing out of a garage in Venice, we were intrigued and decide to investigate further. For the past three years, with the help of a grass-roots support crew, Yanique Venezia has been producing the lavish line of Confection Jewels out of her Venice studio. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at her line before its big debut at her first Fred Segal trunk show, next Saturday, February 13th.

German Power Crystal- Pink, $225

Golden Flower Patch, $175

Flower Power 2, $180

These rings are meticulously made with love as Yanique has brought her graphic design background into her new burgeoning venture. The dynamic range of vintage buttons from around the world remain the center of the each ring, while Yanique then places them in a hand crafted and polished setting, sometimes adding other adornments that enhance each button’s individual personality. If you think we are talking about them like children it is because to Yanique they are, and she has cleverly named them accordingly, such as The Jolly Stallion or Chocolate Ashtray. What we love most is that the range of buttons from pop-princess-pink to art-deco-vintage, allows everyone to find a ring to suit their personality. Despite this range, there remains continuity throughout Yanique’s line that can only be described as layering pop Warhol on top of an old Victorian soul. The juxtaposition of the two on the surface of a cocktail ring creates a sublime effect that we find fascinating.

As of now, the button rings are in limited quantity as the number of each individual design is determined by the number of buttons that Yanique was able to acquire. These limited edition rings are listed under “One-of-kind” and “Limited Series” on You will also find “Collection Series” on the site, which is the where Yanique hopes to expand production and lower the price to embrace a wide demographic of consumers. We’ll happily sip on our dirty goose martini and cheers to that!

Cocktail Rings ranging from $45 -$250

written by  Veronica McCarthy

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Beautiful Jewels That Don’t Break The Bank

A unique spin on the classic Valentine’s Day gift – mark your calendars for this event at Krista Everage Studio in the Bergamont Station.

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On The Fashion Pulse, American Rag



Getting Her Fill of Retail Therapy, 90210'a Shenae Grimes was Spotted Leaving the American Rag on La Brea


American Rag on La Brea is the epitome of a too-cool-for-school, one-stop-shop destination. The merchandise seems to be so cutting edge that it is hard to tell if the buyers have their fingers firmly on the pulse of Los Angeles, or if they are creating the pulse themselves. An entire rainy afternoon can be spent blissfully getting lost amongst the racks of sequined vintage, designer denim, and delightfully obscure high-end retail—we know from experience, as we stayed dry in this shopper’s haven when the rain came a-knocking this past week. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

The scope and breadth of the store’s merchandise is simultaneously stimulating and intimidating. Upon entry you are greeted with blasts of color and funky art, displayed against warm wood, all situated within a cool urban loft expose. The u-shaped shoe display is the central focus of the main store, with the women and men’s retail flanking the display, and their vintage collection bringing up the rear. If that was not enough to make one’s heart skip-a-beat, to the right is their “World Famous Denim Bar,” although no Irish coffee was found, the denim selection was a sight to behold in and of itself.

Mark Werts, the owner and founder of American Rag, claims the buyers are what separate his stores from the masses, and the denim bar clearly showcases their talent. Ranging from classic 501 Levi’s to J-Brand’s newest invention, “jeggings” (they look a lot better than they sound), your desire for all things denim can be fulfilled here, and then some. We were thrilled to see that our favorite skinny jeans from EVER made an appearance amongst other up and coming contemporary brands such as CORPUS, Kill City, and PRPS, all perfectly mixed in with the big hitters, such as Helmut Lang, Diesel, and Citizens of Humanity.

The price tag on American Rag’s selection of vintage ranges dramatically from thirty-dollar funk-a-dellic flannels to two hundred dollar army coats, steeped in history. Although you wont find those vintage Chanel ballet flats you’ve been searching for, as there is little label vintage, you will find reasonably priced thermals, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and some awesome neon-plaid bell-bottoms, if those happen to light your fire. If the neon-plaid bell-bottoms intimidate you, and perhaps rightfully so, American Rag’s retail is paces away and offers you classic options, updated to today’s urban cool-vibe that simply exudes from the store. The men’s selection is a must, as it proves there should be so much more to a man’s wardrobe than just sneakers and jeans.

The menswear buyer, James Hammonds, sums up the success of store with, “You come in to accentuate your own look, not buy into ours.” It seems like American Rag simply wants to makes the masses look cool, the coolest part being, they don’t want to dictate your wardrobe, but just re-vamp your already existing look.

We surprisingly worked up a sweat scouring the racks, but didn’t even need to open our umbrella to find some lemonade. Café Midi is tucked away in the back of American Rag’s home décor store, Maison-Midi, which is easily accessible from the main retail section.  We happily obliged when we saw banana bread on the menu— as we all know, it is our quintessential comfort food that tastes so much better when the weather is damp and dreary. Alas, they keep their recipe under lock and key.

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