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My Belated Valentine…

Valentine’s Day got away from us (we were having too much fun in the bedroom and completely forgot it was a workday … teehee) and here’s the post that was supposed to go up Friday.  Enjoy!

Let’s be honest, the rarity of finding a heterosexual male that enjoys shopping is the Holy Grail for all women. Yes, he can fake it till he makes it, but true enthusiasm when scouring the racks item by item is as hard to come by as those elusive black-patent-Mary-Jane Manolo Blahnik’s. The exception to this rule is the second week in February, when the mission at hand is lingerie. We’ve learned through trial and error that if you treat shopping like a covert operation involving a plan of attack and an ultimate prize, sometimes a man will mistake it for a video game, and violà, all hands are on deck— and potentially on you at the end of the night.

Los Angeles has a plethora of lingerie stores with a diversity that perfectly reflects the scope of inhabitants under these perpetually blue skies. For the tongue in cheek couples, there is the ever-so-famous and ever-so-amusing Trashy Lingerie. Because they believe in Halloween year round, you can always find that ‘Sailor Jerry’ outfit with the built in push up bra and missing mid-section. Disclaimer: do not attempt to wear when actually sailing, keep this in the bedroom, and throw on those topsiders when hoisting the sail and shouting starboard. Cupid has thrown up on this store, as they are cashing in on Valentine’s Day, but who can blame them, with outfits that are both simultaneously fun and funny, that remind us of the pleasure of laughter in the bedroom.

LaShoppingReviews hearts Trashy!

If Dita von Teese is your style icon, than Agent Provocateur is your heaven. Although steep on price, it is a worthy indulgence, for both you and your man, as your sexual self-confidence immediately skyrockets when donning this opulent yet undeniably sexy apparel. The corset wearing sales staff makes shopping a breeze without a hint of blushing as you recline on the ox-blood red velvet couches. Agent Provocateur has helped changed the perception of a burlesque show from a lowbrow form of entertainment, into something that could actually pass as a date night. Seriously, study the movements of those performers; this clearly isn’t their first rodeo.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Agent Provocateur

If you scoff at the notion of buying a ridiculously expensive piece of lace, with the intention of it being stripped off of you, then Only Hearts is your Valentine’s Day headquarters. Relaxed sexy seems to be their motto, as their Valentine’s selections consist of the softest boy-cut underwear with dainty hearts, and matching tanks. When they do venture into lace, it is done effortlessly, allowing you to wear it year round. While we all love the idea of a day dedicated to love and sex, but sometimes the sexiest moments consist of an element of surprise, and these wearable red lace bras allow you to do just that— buy it now, catch him off guard later.

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition's Bar Refaeli in Only Hearts

Kiki De Montparnasse is, well, Kiki De Montparnasse. Lingerie is the foreplay for this sexual emporium. Their lingerie is divided amongst three lines according to personality of the piece and person wearing it– boudoir, muse, and ingénue. Honestly, who doesn’t want to be somebody’s muse? The bedroom is clearly a sanctuary in their eyes and they treat it as such, with offerings such as silk bed linens to five hundred dollar vibrators. He will never complain about seeing you come home with a shopping bag from this store despite the dent it leaves in your wallet.

Which store do we prefer? Well, only Mr. Pillow-Talk needs to know that.

written by  Veronica McCarthy

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City Style: Comparing Los Angeles, New York City and Paris

Los Angeles, New York and Paris all offer their own perspective in the world of fashion. These cities are always alternating old trends for fresh, new styles. As seasons change so do the looks of these cities. Each metropolitan area differs not only with speech and culture, but more importantly they differ in fashion.

While Angelinos are stereotypically more laid back due to the abundance of California sunshine, New Yorkers and Parisians are known for living a faster paced lifestyle equipped with skyscrapers and historical landmarks and in turn each environment does shape the fashion of each city.  

Sunny Hues In Los Angeles

The Vibrant Colors Of A Missoni Tunic In Los Angeles

Angelinos have recently reflected slouchy t-shirts, tank tops and floral sun dresses. In California it isn’t uncommon to see a colorful sports bra poking out of a sweater or being seen through a loose white t-shirt. Bright miniskirts paired with gladiator sandals can be seen in Los Angeles year round, while in New York strappy sandals make an appearance mid-Spring to the Summer season, usually paired with more classic, plain summer dresses or long knee length leggings and oversized tees.

While in New York and Paris revealing skin is more appropriate with long gowns or short summer apparel, revealing tops in California seems to be a constant hit. Long tees with oversized armholes paired with colorful lingerie are more common in the sunshine states. Shirts or dresses with low sloping backs are in year round. It seems they have taken the place of belly shirts from the 80s, those aren’t as common anymore with looser clothing now revealing more backs and arms.

New York and Paris do have more in common style-wise, both recently sporting leather jackets. Black leather is now in on the East side as well as in European cities. The smart, edgy look is what Europe is all about. Form fitting, low cut, button-down sweaters from gray to black are always acceptable in Paris. Tall wasted skirts reaching down to mid thigh paired with tights are a classic outfit for the night. Daytime Parisians usually sport slim fitted sleeveless tees in the warmer months. In colder months the form fitting, waist cinching pea coat is always popular both in New York and Paris.

The Perfect Spring Trench In Paris

The Perfect Spring Trench In Paris

While tights are more popular in Paris, leggings in New York and casual jeans in California, skirts and dresses are always flaunted in warmer months. However the styles of the dresses do differ. While in Paris casual and dressy seem to differ greatly with casual being more flowy and loose and dressy being slimmer and more fitting, in New York and Los Angeles casual and dressy seemed to be interchanged more often depending more on event than time. Styles of dresses are always changing but the main message of each style for the city does reflect a pattern with LA being more floral and bright and New York being more earthy colors and darker patterns.

Angelinos may have more colorful outfits, but New Yorkers match this with their colorful and oversized jewelry. Angelinos may be seen wearing a few simple silver rings, similar to Parisians who wear more classic and plain jewelry. The New Yorkers though seem to prefer a simple clothing décor paired with more vibrant accessories.

One thing that seems popular for almost every trendy city is the “go green” apparel. Awareness to saving the environment has grown and with this has come simple tees featuring recycling and peace symbols. Important messages always seem to be in style for fashionable cities around the globe.

The Perfect Look For Riding Your "Green Alternative" To Work

An Ideal NYC Look For Riding Your "Green Alternative" To Work

Styles and trends are always changing which is why sharing with different cities can be something new and exciting. Shopping online helps as well with boutiques like The Kooples from Paris and designers like Alexander Wang from New York now having user-friendly websites.


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Pink Lili: Sexy, Sumptuous, Feminine Designer Lingerie


Sophisticated and Sultry On Montana Avenue

Did you ever think lingerie could be both sophisticated and sultry? Well if you had your doubts, the pieces at Pink Lili will prove you wrong! Pink Lili is the place to go if you’re in the mood for gorgeous, breathtaking designer lingerie in sumptuous fabrics and elegant cuts. These teddies, nightgowns, and bra-panty sets will make you swim in a sea of silk and lace.

These fine lingerie items do come at a price, but we think it’s worth it. You really do get what you pay for with the finest fabrics in town and intricate pattern-cutting details!

View From The Entrance

The Entrance Of Pink Lili, Montana Avenue

Lisa Frank, owner of Pink Lili, carries designs by Aubade, La Perla, Grazia’lliani, Damaris, Id Sarrieri, and Cosabella. To compliment the lingerie, Pink Lili also sells Eres swimwear, Emma Hope shoes and Mary Bruno loungewear. Besides the great selection, the store has an inviting ambiance to suit your lingerie-seeking mood. There are couches, a chandelier, and even a courtyard off the back. Furthermore, Pink Lili provides the perfect spot to search for items for that special occasion!

View Of The Patio

View Of The Patio

Pink Lili: 1129 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 576-7100


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The Brentwood Country Mart – from Country Clubbers to Hippie Mothers

The Brentwood Country Mart is definitely a place to see and be seen! This is a popular spot for locals and celebrities alike to stop for some shop and nosh. The atmosphere evokes a mid-western barn, but the stores strictly speak Los Angeles high style. The Mart has a food courtyard with surrounding stores that sell everything from women’s, children’s, and men’s clothes to books, candy, and home furnishings.

Brentwood Country Mart


The Brentwood Country Mart is one of the first of its kind to have a chic, preppy, yet casual, men’s boutique, called apartment number 9.

 For jewelry, there is Broken English and Pippa Small jewelry that both sell beautiful one-of-a-kind looks.

 For home and fragrance, we love Calypso Home for gorgeous, unique home furnishings and Marie Mason Apothecary where you can splurge on fragrances, bath, and more.

And probably the most exciting… for women’s clothing, we love Calypso, Post 26, and Jigsaw. Calypso boasts a mix of international accessories and supremely chic pieces from high end-fashion designers including the original designer, Calypso by Christiane Celle. Post26 provides a fun environment for eclectic clothing for every shopper from rockers to bohemians. London-based Jigsaw is a great store for anytime fashion—the weekend, the office, and the evening.

 The Brentwood Country Mart: 225 26th Street (corner of 26th and San Vicente), Santa Monica, CA 90402


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Live the Clever Lifestyle

Our lovely Czech, Radka Opalka, makes us girls feel happy to shop, shop, and shop! Approximately two years ago, Radka opened Clever: a boutique that caters to all women with a stylish, feminine flair. Radka describes her products as “practical and pretty,” with “clever” touches like whimsical patterns, up-to-date styles, and witty uses for home accessories. Clever aims to provide an intimate shopping environment enhanced with unique clothing and designers. But unlike many boutiques that hike up prices for garments of mediocre quality, Clever only sells garments of great quality at reasonable prices. It’s so nice to be able to walk into a boutique and feel like the prices match the fabric, styles, and cuts of the clothing!

Inside View

View From The Entrance

So what is in this wonderful treasure chest of a store? Clever carries a wide range of designers from Audrey Acosta (green) recycled silk one-of-a-kind pieces to Single Tease T-shirts that boast pick up lines for women on the front (e.g. “just ask me (out)”). Other popular Clever brands include Haven (long dresses in billowy prints), Pink Tool Belts (for those handy fashion-conscious women), Bungalow 360 (accessories à la beach), Gloveables (the best way to get your dishes done), Funky Urban (our favorite tee says “well-behaved women rarely make history”), Survival (comfortable, cotton essential dresses), 382 (loud, playful prints), and Angry Little Girls (recycled handbags with quirky, fun quips). And for you California visitors and worshipers, be sure to pick up a California-lovin’ tee like “I don’t Go East of the 405.” What’s more Clever has one of the best selections of gifts for all your friends!

Part of what makes Clever so special is that it is a lifestyle boutique. From the moment you walk in and see the Hungarian antique furniture, organic silks, and delicate jewelry (which Radka makes herself!), you feel as if you have walked into an interactive mood board. Radka has taken her idea of the quintessential girly shopping getaway and has turned it into a laid-back home-y experience. Radka even keeps her shop open late on Friday night for a complete “Retail Therapy” evening; she provides cocktails, friendly chit-chat, and, of course, shopping!

View From The Back

Treasure Uncovered

Mention this article and get 10% off your purchase!

Clever is located at: 2823 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 – 310.396.8108


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Shopping Event of the Season: Annual Montana Sidewalk Sale Is Here!

Once a year, you can shop at your favorite Montana Avenue boutiques ON SALE and that day is coming! This Saturday only, May 16th, you can shop at over 150 stores with deals on items up to 80% off. This notable Los Angeles event has something for everyone, making it the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon with family, friends, or significant other.



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Show Off Your Skivvies At Faire Frou Frou

Boutique Faire Frou Frou (which means “to show off” in French) is a high-end lingerie boutique that focuses on exquisite pieces from European designers. The boutique is described as luxurious, feminine, and sweet and is owned by mother-daughter team Gail and Alison Rubke. Four years ago Alison and her mother wanted to start a business together. They had noticed a void for a luxury lingerie boutique while flipping through glossy European editorials, realizing there was no where to purchase the gorgeous lingerie.


Faire Frou Frou is a “Destination” boutique, carrying such brands as Fifi Chachnil, Vannina Vesperini, and Cosabella. The boutique has definitely found its niche; in its first year of operation it was named “America’s Best Lingerie Boutique” and since has been in 75 publications. Faire Frou Frou has an online, a free standing store, as well as a blog that Alison writes.


When you enter the store, you could swear you stepped into Sofia Coppolla’s remake of Marie Antoinette. The boutique itself is worth the trip! They offer many services such as personal shopping, bra-fitting, and gift registry. With a huge celebrity clientele, it is no wonder that Faire Frou Frou has had such a huge success! Stop by and indulge your inner need for frills and luxury!


The Boutique is located at 13017A Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604



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