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Christian Louboutin Fall & Winter

We love a new season at Christian Louboutin… Some fall looks are starting to trickle into the Roberston and South Coast Plaza stores. Check out the full collection online at


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Insider Tip: Valentino Fall 2009 Trunk Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday, June 26th at Saks On Three in Beverly Hills East there will be a Valentino Fall 2009 Trunk Show.  LAShoppingReviews readers are invited to attend.  To RSVP, please call 310.887.5403.

Valentino Fall-Winter 2009

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City Style: Comparing Los Angeles, New York City and Paris

Los Angeles, New York and Paris all offer their own perspective in the world of fashion. These cities are always alternating old trends for fresh, new styles. As seasons change so do the looks of these cities. Each metropolitan area differs not only with speech and culture, but more importantly they differ in fashion.

While Angelinos are stereotypically more laid back due to the abundance of California sunshine, New Yorkers and Parisians are known for living a faster paced lifestyle equipped with skyscrapers and historical landmarks and in turn each environment does shape the fashion of each city.  

Sunny Hues In Los Angeles

The Vibrant Colors Of A Missoni Tunic In Los Angeles

Angelinos have recently reflected slouchy t-shirts, tank tops and floral sun dresses. In California it isn’t uncommon to see a colorful sports bra poking out of a sweater or being seen through a loose white t-shirt. Bright miniskirts paired with gladiator sandals can be seen in Los Angeles year round, while in New York strappy sandals make an appearance mid-Spring to the Summer season, usually paired with more classic, plain summer dresses or long knee length leggings and oversized tees.

While in New York and Paris revealing skin is more appropriate with long gowns or short summer apparel, revealing tops in California seems to be a constant hit. Long tees with oversized armholes paired with colorful lingerie are more common in the sunshine states. Shirts or dresses with low sloping backs are in year round. It seems they have taken the place of belly shirts from the 80s, those aren’t as common anymore with looser clothing now revealing more backs and arms.

New York and Paris do have more in common style-wise, both recently sporting leather jackets. Black leather is now in on the East side as well as in European cities. The smart, edgy look is what Europe is all about. Form fitting, low cut, button-down sweaters from gray to black are always acceptable in Paris. Tall wasted skirts reaching down to mid thigh paired with tights are a classic outfit for the night. Daytime Parisians usually sport slim fitted sleeveless tees in the warmer months. In colder months the form fitting, waist cinching pea coat is always popular both in New York and Paris.

The Perfect Spring Trench In Paris

The Perfect Spring Trench In Paris

While tights are more popular in Paris, leggings in New York and casual jeans in California, skirts and dresses are always flaunted in warmer months. However the styles of the dresses do differ. While in Paris casual and dressy seem to differ greatly with casual being more flowy and loose and dressy being slimmer and more fitting, in New York and Los Angeles casual and dressy seemed to be interchanged more often depending more on event than time. Styles of dresses are always changing but the main message of each style for the city does reflect a pattern with LA being more floral and bright and New York being more earthy colors and darker patterns.

Angelinos may have more colorful outfits, but New Yorkers match this with their colorful and oversized jewelry. Angelinos may be seen wearing a few simple silver rings, similar to Parisians who wear more classic and plain jewelry. The New Yorkers though seem to prefer a simple clothing décor paired with more vibrant accessories.

One thing that seems popular for almost every trendy city is the “go green” apparel. Awareness to saving the environment has grown and with this has come simple tees featuring recycling and peace symbols. Important messages always seem to be in style for fashionable cities around the globe.

The Perfect Look For Riding Your "Green Alternative" To Work

An Ideal NYC Look For Riding Your "Green Alternative" To Work

Styles and trends are always changing which is why sharing with different cities can be something new and exciting. Shopping online helps as well with boutiques like The Kooples from Paris and designers like Alexander Wang from New York now having user-friendly websites.


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Show Off Your Skivvies At Faire Frou Frou

Boutique Faire Frou Frou (which means “to show off” in French) is a high-end lingerie boutique that focuses on exquisite pieces from European designers. The boutique is described as luxurious, feminine, and sweet and is owned by mother-daughter team Gail and Alison Rubke. Four years ago Alison and her mother wanted to start a business together. They had noticed a void for a luxury lingerie boutique while flipping through glossy European editorials, realizing there was no where to purchase the gorgeous lingerie.


Faire Frou Frou is a “Destination” boutique, carrying such brands as Fifi Chachnil, Vannina Vesperini, and Cosabella. The boutique has definitely found its niche; in its first year of operation it was named “America’s Best Lingerie Boutique” and since has been in 75 publications. Faire Frou Frou has an online, a free standing store, as well as a blog that Alison writes.


When you enter the store, you could swear you stepped into Sofia Coppolla’s remake of Marie Antoinette. The boutique itself is worth the trip! They offer many services such as personal shopping, bra-fitting, and gift registry. With a huge celebrity clientele, it is no wonder that Faire Frou Frou has had such a huge success! Stop by and indulge your inner need for frills and luxury!


The Boutique is located at 13017A Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604



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The Search For That Perfect Dress Is Over! Leona Edmiston Is THE Frock Boutique


Leona Edmiston says,“[Her] label celebrates the confident, urban woman.” This aesthetic really shows in her sophisticated, yet effortless, jersey dresses. And with their only US location in Los Angeles, Australia-born label Leona Edmiston is a must-see!

Leona’s fabric choices make her dresses very special. The jersey fabric Leona uses is not only flattering and chic but also feels wonderful on the skin. (And it is great to have a jersey that still looks good after a few wears!) She has also branched out to silks and other nicely draped fabrics that cling to and flow from the body in the best of places. Furthermore, Leona’s frocks fit many women of ages, shapes, and sizes; when you find the one that fits you—your style, your body, and your personality—well, you feel like a goddess. And isn’t that what fashion is all about: feeling good about yourself through what you wear? We think so.


A Shot From Inside The Montana Avenue Location

A Shot From Inside The Montana Avenue Location

It seems that we’re not the only ones who are crazy for these frocks! Leona has dressed many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Michael Hutchence, Helena Christiansen, Harry Connick Jr., and Jon Bon Jovi. Also, a large number of celebrities have endorsed her label: Kristen Davis, Maria Sharopova, Heather Locklear, Susan Sarandon, Deborah Messing, Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks, Mary Hart, Rachel Hunter, Melissa George, Emma Bunton, Drew Barrymore, Emilia Fox and Paula Abdul.

As many celebrities and other styling Angelinos have discovered, a trip to Leona Edmiston is an entire shopping experience. The boutique offers dresses, handbags, and shoes by Leona as well as belts, undergarments, and jewelry to go with the outfits. And the sales people are incredible stylists! It is a one-stop kind of shop.

The most unique aspects of her frocks are their versatility and classic appeal. You can wear the same dress to work, out for drinks, to the theatre, or for a casual day on the town, depending on how you accessorize. These dresses are not only versatile for occasions, but also for the women who buy them. And since Leona designs with a stylish flair that is not strictly season-bound, these dresses are unmistakably timeless.

Leona Edmiston
1007 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
310. 587. 1100

Leona Edmiston
8591 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
310. 855. 9121


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