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My Belated Valentine…

Valentine’s Day got away from us (we were having too much fun in the bedroom and completely forgot it was a workday … teehee) and here’s the post that was supposed to go up Friday.  Enjoy!

Let’s be honest, the rarity of finding a heterosexual male that enjoys shopping is the Holy Grail for all women. Yes, he can fake it till he makes it, but true enthusiasm when scouring the racks item by item is as hard to come by as those elusive black-patent-Mary-Jane Manolo Blahnik’s. The exception to this rule is the second week in February, when the mission at hand is lingerie. We’ve learned through trial and error that if you treat shopping like a covert operation involving a plan of attack and an ultimate prize, sometimes a man will mistake it for a video game, and violà, all hands are on deck— and potentially on you at the end of the night.

Los Angeles has a plethora of lingerie stores with a diversity that perfectly reflects the scope of inhabitants under these perpetually blue skies. For the tongue in cheek couples, there is the ever-so-famous and ever-so-amusing Trashy Lingerie. Because they believe in Halloween year round, you can always find that ‘Sailor Jerry’ outfit with the built in push up bra and missing mid-section. Disclaimer: do not attempt to wear when actually sailing, keep this in the bedroom, and throw on those topsiders when hoisting the sail and shouting starboard. Cupid has thrown up on this store, as they are cashing in on Valentine’s Day, but who can blame them, with outfits that are both simultaneously fun and funny, that remind us of the pleasure of laughter in the bedroom.

LaShoppingReviews hearts Trashy!

If Dita von Teese is your style icon, than Agent Provocateur is your heaven. Although steep on price, it is a worthy indulgence, for both you and your man, as your sexual self-confidence immediately skyrockets when donning this opulent yet undeniably sexy apparel. The corset wearing sales staff makes shopping a breeze without a hint of blushing as you recline on the ox-blood red velvet couches. Agent Provocateur has helped changed the perception of a burlesque show from a lowbrow form of entertainment, into something that could actually pass as a date night. Seriously, study the movements of those performers; this clearly isn’t their first rodeo.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Agent Provocateur

If you scoff at the notion of buying a ridiculously expensive piece of lace, with the intention of it being stripped off of you, then Only Hearts is your Valentine’s Day headquarters. Relaxed sexy seems to be their motto, as their Valentine’s selections consist of the softest boy-cut underwear with dainty hearts, and matching tanks. When they do venture into lace, it is done effortlessly, allowing you to wear it year round. While we all love the idea of a day dedicated to love and sex, but sometimes the sexiest moments consist of an element of surprise, and these wearable red lace bras allow you to do just that— buy it now, catch him off guard later.

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition's Bar Refaeli in Only Hearts

Kiki De Montparnasse is, well, Kiki De Montparnasse. Lingerie is the foreplay for this sexual emporium. Their lingerie is divided amongst three lines according to personality of the piece and person wearing it– boudoir, muse, and ingénue. Honestly, who doesn’t want to be somebody’s muse? The bedroom is clearly a sanctuary in their eyes and they treat it as such, with offerings such as silk bed linens to five hundred dollar vibrators. He will never complain about seeing you come home with a shopping bag from this store despite the dent it leaves in your wallet.

Which store do we prefer? Well, only Mr. Pillow-Talk needs to know that.

written by  Veronica McCarthy

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Love is in Bloom at Botany

Although we cringed at the thought of pledging to a sorority during our college years, we are ready to fork over our dues to join Botany’s. Stephanie Schur and Stacie Rubaum have created the warmth and sisterhood of a sorority while producing striking floral arrangements in their sidewalk floral and gift shop, Botany, located in the Brentwood Country Mart. Within the twenty minutes we spent admiring the fresh cut flowers, the designing duo had no less than four regular visitors stop by for a quick chat—one even donated her old empty vases to be given life with the aroma of fresh-cut flowers.

These two busy worker bees were all abuzz with life and energy in their simultaneously quaint and striking two-room shop. Polished concrete floors mixed with glossy white walls, gilded with a gold pattern and accented with pops of dark magenta and green within the décor, gives this shop a decadently romantic feel. Despite the small square footage, Botany is a full service florist, supplying flowers for weddings, parties and other events.

Dustin Hoffman and Stephanie Schur Outside of Botany

Our favorite worker bees are busily gearing up for every flower lover’s favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. Some cynics may cringe at the sound of aforementioned Hallmark-plastered-holiday, but upon being gifted a floral creation from Botany, those same cynics will be praising the diaper-clad Cupid and his pesky bow and arrow. Feel free to anonymously forward this review to any possible Valentine’s who have repeatedly reaped the benefits of your home baked banana bread. They can receive a ten percent discount if they step up to the plate before February 10th.

If flowers strike you as fleeting, Botany also provides thoughtful gifts such as gardening tools, lotions, candles, and even flavored jams. The shop is clearly curtailed to local clientele, as the warmth and apparent friendship of its owners creates a small-town atmosphere. Stephanie and Stacie appreciate this vibe, as they are arranging monthly events at the store such as guest speakers, teas and classes, to give back to the community. These events will commence at the end of February with a children’s gardening class. This is a store where everybody knows your name, and favorite flower! Unfortunately, our favorite daffodils are hard to come by in February; we might just have to cross our fingers for roses!

The Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street, Suite 41
Santa Monica 90402


written by  Veronica McCarthy


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Pamela Barish – Classic with a Twist

A View From Abbot Kinney

A View From Abbot Kinney

Step inside Pamela Barish, this vintage-looking room with a crystal chandelier and a larger than life floor-to-ceiling mirror, and you will definitely feel like shopping! This unique little boutique has great pieces that will meet your high-fashion cravings. Pamela Barish’s website accurately emotes her collections which are “always restrained but never stuffy, relaxed but always appropriate… embodying quintessential elegance with an irreverent twist.

Pamela Barish has always been a designer, but it was not until she officially started her label in 1992, and subsequently, opened her Venice boutique that the buzz began to spread. Since then, celebrities like Cher, Angelica Houston, and Meg Ryan have donned Barish’s immaculate clothing. Pamela Barish also works with clients and stylists to customize her designs for weddings and award ceremonies.

Some Of Pamela's Creations On Display

Some Of Pamela's Creations On Display

Pamela Barish designs with herself in mind as her muse: a woman who likes a nicely tailored garment, with girly details. She describes her design style as one part hippie, one part classic, and one part constructed. Her classic aesthetic not only comes naturally to the designer, but also makes her clothing great investments, especially in the current financial times. Unlike the deconstructed silhouettes that have been walking down the runway, Pamela Barish draws more inspiration from a tailored look that is reminiscent of the strictness of the 1950s. Her shop on Abbot Kinney is the only place you can buy her clothes, so stalk up! But not too much, because her garments transcend trends and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Pamela Barish
1327 Abbott Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
11:00-5:00 Monday-Saturday
12:00-5:00 Sunday

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