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Bvlgari is the Diamond of our Eyes

On the busy intersection of Wilshire and Rodeo amidst the mix of celebrities, tourists and cars that bustle by, is the gem of a store, Bvlgari. This mix of passing pedestrians and automotives seem to have polished an architectural diamond in the rough into a multi-dimensional gem in the form of this brilliantly sparkling store. When we were given the opportunity to get a tour of this Los Angeles cultural landmark, intimidation was a word that came to our mind. These diamonds weren’t just diamonds, they were the diamonds that are currently being draped across a naked Julianne Moore and two baby lion cubs in Bvlgari’s current advertising campaign. We’ve seen those pictures, and we do not look like in the nude, and we would not be looking like a red-haired seductress with lions lying across our privates. Intimidation indeed.

But when we stepped inside the store we were instantly at ease in the warmth of arcing blonde wood that enveloped us. The curves in the display cases seem to set in motion that swooping emotion every girl feels in the pit of her stomach when her eyes scan over an expanse of diamonds. The play between the linear and the curvaceous within the architecture seems to mirror the crisp cuts found within a spherical diamond. We happily ogled the diamonds, reclined on the velour sofa, and were even offered water while we waited.

The Bvlgari store is composed of three floors, with a private (fully stocked) bar taking up the upper level, looking over aforementioned intersection. Who doesn’t want a glass of champagne when seated in the lap of luxury? We were happily surprised by the amount of other luxury goods Bvlgari carries, such as handbags, sunglasses, and ties. A trip up to level two met us with all of the above.

Bvlgari is directly associated with luxury, but the best news yet is that you can have a piece of luxury for a fraction of the price with their popular, less expensive yet meticulously designed line, B Zero. Women spend the same amount on shoes these days that they could spend on a Bvlgari ring from B Zero. Even a necklace, or key chain is yours for the taking, with Bvlgari’s name and trademark clean edges stamped across the pieces. B Zero reminds us of the trademark line from that other jewelry store, the one with the robin’s egg blue colored boxes. Those boxes used to drive our jewelry obessions, but now we walk in Manolo’s and have decided our jewelry needs to mirror or shoes, naturally.


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Love Is…

Givenchy’s embroidered metal chain evening bag with a black handle. We found it at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills for $3,670.00.  It’s worth the splurge as it updates any look to the current season.  Ahhh, Givenchy – if our eyes could squirt out hearts, they would for this glorious handbag.  Bravo!

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Prada’s ‘Epicenter’ Lights Our Fire

The eternal debate if fashion should be considered art is seamlessly answered by Prada’s shopping Mecca on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.  Prada enlisted the renowned architect, Rem Koolhaas, to design what is now referred to as the “Prada Epicenter.” We think that ‘epicenter’ might not even be doing it justice.

The open-air storefront seems to magnetically draw the pedestrians inward as you find yourself mesmerized by the meticulously dressed mannequins ascending the staircase. The complete lack of a storefront structure, shielding the precious Prada goods from outside elements, could only be achieved in Los Angelesthe city where weather is a mere afterthought to fashion.

A View From The Street

As you meander around the staircase, admiring the mannequins, you realize you have dropped down into the 2nd floor basement and are now surrounded, floor to ceiling, by all things Prada. Hallelujah!

The drive behind designing such a modern storefront mirrors Prada’s desire to continually re-define the relationship between shopper and commodities, while simultaneously maintaining their traditional design aesthetic — modernizing their heritage. This ‘modernizing heritage’ can be explicitly seen underneath the staircase hill of mannequins, were they have replicated the tile patterns and display cases from the first Prada store in Paris. Prada is known for its workable austere elegance, measured in clean cuts and cleaner fabrics that are matched with minimal prints and eternally wearable color palates.

While the majority of high fashion is bought and worn to show others that one consumes without producing, Prada does not buy into this myth. Even the forever-famous Prada knapsack from the 1990’s was produced in a practical weather resistant nylon. Miuccia Prada, the company’s head designer, re-vamped the ailing luggage brand in the 1990’s with aforementioned knapsack along with other dutifully designed everyday essentials.

The Beverly Hills store stocks all of Prada’s everyday essentials, from leather messenger bags, to two-toned heals, as well as the drool inducing runway looks, all amidst the sleek design of the ‘Epicenter.’ The staff is clearly aware of the buildings power to attract a range of clientele, as they happily chat to all about the history of Prada, instead of mercilessly peering down at their customers.

Today, Prada continues to conjure notions of elegant minimalism, but Miuccia Prada’s desire to keep the company modernized alongside cutting edge technology, reminds us that fashion must be relevant to be successful and ultimately drive society forward. The same could be said for art.

*Insider Tip: Lara Petersen is Prada’s premiere personal shopper. With a huge celebrity following, she’s Rodeo Drive’s “It” girl. She’s as beautiful as she is knowledge …. her big blue eyes, Bond-Girl platinum bob and purring eastern European accent make us want to stay there all day and talk-shop. Plus, she’s great about emailing photos of what is new that season.  Use her, buy shoes from her and abuse her – she is, quite simply, the BEST! Here’s a peek of what she sent us this season (drooling over the grays and pinks for spring):

Here are just a few of the celebs who shop at Prada’s Rodeo Drive outpost:

In the Words of Rachel Zoe, "I DIE": Chloe Sevigny in Prada

Actress Zoe Saldana at Prada's Book Launch in November

Ginnifer Goodwin at Prada on Rodeo Drive

343 N Rodeo Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-8661

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What’s in the bag Christina?

Check it out – Singer Christina Milan is leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills after doing a little shopping.  Wonder what she bought…

Christina Milan Barneys

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Armani Beauty Event At Saks, Beverly Hills

Armani's Eyes To Kill

Armani's "Eyes To Kill"

Armani Beauty is celebrating the exclusive launch of their “Eyes To Kill” collection at Saks, Beverly Hills. Celebrity make-up artist, Keith Cavelari will be giving complementary make-overs to LAShoppingReviews readers. To try this statement look, schedule an appointment by calling: 310.887.5471

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On the Prowl for Summer



When starting to compile our list for “summer essentials,”  our first priority was finding the perfect bathing suit. We did some research and we heard great things about Canyon Beachwear in Beverly Hills. After making our way down there we were less than impressed to say the least! The selection was small and wasn’t anything to write home about. Therefore, we are still on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit – along with all the perfect pairings! So stay tuned…. your “summer essentials” list will be coming soon.

We want to hear from you: What are your favorite Los Angeles bikini shops and summer essentials (flip flops, beach bags, self tanner…)?  Comments please!

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Christian Louboutin Private Sale!


Put on your elbow pads, helmets and mouth guards – Christian Louboutin has extended their pre-sale champagne event to LaShoppingReviews readers.  This could get ugly as styles from the Spring Summer 09 Collection will be slashed by 40 percent and the public sale doesn’t even start until Tuesday, May 26th (poor public people!).

Festivities are tomorrow, May 19th from 4pm – 7pm at Christian Louboutin Beverly Hills (9040 Burton Way).  Enjoy champagne, light desserts and the pretty people getting ugly over good deals on red-soled sandals!  

*Please note, all shoes purchased at the event will be held until the sale begins on May 26th.

RSVP: beverlyhills.caboutique@christianlouboutin.fr



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